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Castle of Hope
Durman City


Capital of Durman County

Vital Statistics

  • Ruler : Lord Grehan Durman
  • Population : 15,000
  • Exports : BPW, Munitions, Science, Mercenaries
  • Imports : Luxury Goods & Items, Produce
  • Guilds : All represented
  • Military Strength : Strong, veteran troops. Noteworthy are Durman's Musketeers, the most skilled Musketeer force in the Shard
  • Wealth : Average
  • Control Rating :
  • Tech Level : 3 - 4

The average citizen of Durman is semi-literate and of average wealth or above.

Durman City is without a doubt the most rugged of the Northern Cities. It was here that Lord Durman of Kurnull decided it was better to fight the invading Orcish Hordes of the North than run when the Castle of Hope fell.

Rallying his troops and several hundred levy armed with the primitive handgonne of the time, he fought North and established "Durman's Barricade" at a critical South-facing valley running out of the mountains. The crude wooden wall surmounted with ancient cannon has long been replaced with modern Stone and Mortar and massive 24- and 48- pounder cannons. However, Lord Durmans rigid courage, scientific foresight & military wisdom would shape the character of his Dukedom into a new, independant Kingdom.

Principally, Durman County's future ( still in the hands of Lord Durman's descendants ) was shaped by the levy that fought with black powder on that ancient battlefield. So impressed with the power of guns that he poured all his resources into their future development, Lord Durman shaped the first TL 4 culture on the Shard at least as far as military means are concerned.

Modern Durman is thriving on the demand for its firearms & soldiers, recognised by all ( bar perhaps Cordall as the finest on the Shard. However, there is another reason for Durmans increasing wealth.

One of Durman's descendants drafted a masterful plan several generations ago to ensure Durmans wealth & prosperity. Now, all the Free Counties pay Durman for "Wall Upkeep and the task of resisting invasion by Base Creatures", which is actually quite a reasonable sum considering that Durman does take the brunt of fighting the Northern Savages. Only one county has ever reneged on this fee, when Treim reneged on its payment 34 years ago.

Treim suddenly found its Eastern border invaded by an elite force of about 6,000 Durmese Musketeers, which caused, in a short and almost bloodless land war, Treim to seceed 2,000 acres to Durman County. It was also rumoured that political pressure was put on Treim by other free counties to pay their "Wall Upkeep" fee.

These concerned neighbours may have been wondering who was guarding the wall if the majority of Durman's army were camped in East Treim...