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Castle of Hope

I'm new to running a PBEM so we'll take this slowly at first ( Groans from my Diplomacy Players, who are used to me being late all the time :) ). Schedule will work as follows :
Friday Day 1 -
Send out e-mail detailing current events & options
Wednesday Day 5 -
Get back all responses from Players by this point
Friday Day 8 -
Send out consequences & update webpage, detail current events & options & cycle repeats, etc
Once we get comfortable, we're going to try and speed it up a lot, to every day or second day.

Here are some ground rules - more as I think of them.

  1. I'll handle all conflict resolution, Dice Rolls etc
  2. If I make a Rules mistake, you can question me by private e-mail to Any list - posted query will be treated with contempt. :) I'll try to fix the mistake in-game & if not I'll give you some credit for the next time around.
  3. No one rush me!


  1. scoll
  2. brianpking
  3. daverooney
  4. ruairc
  5. The Unknown Soldier
  6. Tyrion
Group Mail will be to

We'll try and keep messages short & sweet & to the point, which will make stuff like combat easier 'cos there will be more feeling of movement. I think that we might introduce a special rule for combat e-mails, speed up the timing or something.

A Typical GM Message
Subject : Move 1, Journey's Beginning
There's a five day journey ahead to the destination of the Castle of Hope deep in the mountains. Who's taking care of the essentials? Also, do you have a particular watch rota or system? The terrain you're passing through is typical of the Northern Shard, grim steppe that breeds a hard, hard people. They are pretty unfriendly to outsiders, but you can approach them if you want. The winding road has no inns or guardhouses.

A Typical Player Response
Subject : Move 1, Player 1, Character A
My Ranger takes care of the essentials, doing a little hunting ( Survival Steppe - 12, Tracking 14 ). We should have enough food regardless. One of the others organised the watch duties, I do my share with no complaints. I amn't likely to melt the hearts of the people (Charisma +1 only) but if anyone else wants to try, I throw in my two cents. We were talking about it on the e-mail & I don't think anyone's in favour. (or bothered). We just soldier on and try to reach the Castle in good time!