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"Under Hilsen's Wing" Turn 1

"Go into the mountains, to the Castle of Hope, on the night of the coming Full Moon. This is the year of the Orcish Holy Pilgramage to kravesh. This is the same time myself and my companions made use of, almost 15 years ago now, to make our fortune. Deep within the Castle, beyond the upper levels the Orcs call home, still lies more than enough treasues of the Old Empire to allow you all lives of luxury, or the freedom to adventure more."

These were Hilsen's words to you last night at his large fireplace, his children abed and his wife serving fine wine. Hilsen the the foremost sucess story of your town, a retired adventurer & mercenary, once member of the Kings Muskets and - rumour has it - honourary Knight of the nearby Kingdom of Cordall, one of the few Durmanese to be so honoured.

His large home and fine belongings are completely financially unsupported. He has no need of work, having made his fortune many times over. His grandchildren, if not his grandchildren, will still be eating well on his treasures.

An old man now, tough hide and muscle slowly turning to fat, and more suited for his chair and his pipe than the steppe and the sword, Hilsen is known to often gather people like yourselves and direct them to opportunity for glory. His contacts are many, and he has travelled the length and breadth of the Shard himself. Some never return, of course, but the majority - who do - are always better off for the experience.

"The Castle of Hope lies to the north of Durman. I am sure ye have known of it since your childhood as the folly which ended the days of the old Empire. It took many years after that Castle fell to rebuild the lands, but they were rebuilt by people such as King Durman the first and others. Every 5 years, the Orc tribes celebrate their victory with a pilgrimage to Kravesh. Every 3rd pilgrimage is held as holy, where chieftans are ratified and shamen invested. All tribes must attend, lest they find themselves isolated from their people and their people and their harsh God, that they call Urk - Haral, in Durmanese that would be "The Defier", if that is a word? "One who defies" whatever, my Orcish is not good..."

I won't lie to you, the Castle will be dangerous. With the Orcs gone, an Ogre or Troll could easily wander in, but in my opinion Orcs are the most dangerous of the savage races. Also, within the Castle walls the dead do not rest easily. Some will block your path with their corpses, but, 'Tis a strange thing some seem to remember being men, and the sons of men and elves, and will aid you in times of need."

My sorcerous companion the time I went to the castle, Sheilina ( who has gone to her rest since, God rest her ) went there with only one thing in mind - the old Emperor's sword, the legendary Black Iron Reiver stills rests within the castle. All free men would have heard if an Orc Warlord carried that treasure, and it is a treasure without a price! It is one of the few magical blades in the lands, my friends, worth more than the weight of the whole damned castle in gold..."

*GM's comments*

First message has to be a bit long folks. Everything ( bar climaxes & endings ) should be a little shorter from now on. My first couple of GM posts will include some pointed questions to get ye started on the right train of thought. After that, your own R0l3p14y1ng 5k1llz will get you through the day. Anything I need to say "out of world" - as opposed to "out of character" I'll also put in a *GM's comments* bit at the end. Quite like this one, indeed!

"Under Hilsen's Wing" questions.

  1. - Do you ask Hilsen anything else?
  2. - Is there anything else you need to know, anyone else you get in touch with?
  3. - Do you have any last minute preparations you want to take care of?