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For those of you familiar with the Fantasy Campaign Plan from GURPS Magic, here is Tessar in those particulars.

Fantasy Campaign Plan

Campaign Name : Tessar
Starting Year : varies, see timeline
Known nonhuman races : Ogres, Goblins & the Erodoi. Elves and Dragons are known to have once existed.

Magic Rules

General mana level : Normal
Areas of other mana levels? : Yes, from Dead to Very High
Are there "aspected mana" areas? : "Ley Lines" of force, where aspected colleges gain the rules of Unlimited Mana (UMana).
Any optional Magic rules in use? : Knacks & aspected colleges can be purchased freely. Alchemy as in GURPS Magic & Improvised magic are no-no's.
How common are Magic & Mages : Magic is common. Magery 1 is 1 in every 1,000 people, Magery 2 1 in 10,000 and Magery 3 1 in 100,000.
Are Magic Users well distributed? : No.
Where are they likely to be found? : In centres of learning, such as Tessar Capital itself, or along ley lines they are particularly comfortable with.
Is there a Guild structure for mages? : There are guilds, but they are not the exclusive source of magical training.
How common are magic items? : EXTREMELY Rare
Does Quick-and-Dirty enchantment work? : No. Are teleportation and telepathy common enough to affect communication? : Teleportation and gate magic are almost unknown. Telepathy would be used by the rich.
How common is healing magic & who benefits from it? : Fairly common, but its practitioners are not powerful. ( See how common are mages, above ). Small wounds are treated for almost everyone ( 1 - 3 points of damage ). Anything more is very expensive and regeneration and regrowth is cripplingly so.
What magical/fantastic creatures are common? : The complete list -
Creatures of pure magic - Familiars, Daemons, Elementals
Creatures affected by magic - Vampires, Skeletons, Zombies, Wraiths, Ghosts, Wights, Ghouls
Creatures originally created by magic - Warns, "Hairy Men"

Player Character Information :

Races allowed : Humans preferably ( 95% of population ), Erodoi, Goblins & Ogres ( in a high enough point campaign) .
Base Wealth : $1,000 GURPS Dollars, 100 Tessarian Gold Coins. Starting Social Levels : Tessar has the gamut, from -3/-4 ( indentured Slave, Slave ) to 8 ( The Tessarian Emporer or King )
Languages needed : Tessarian ( native or M/A ). Also Khronian, Goblin, Erodoi, Ogre.
Some Northern tribes have their own dialects. Also, some "made up" languages exist, such as Abrash, a coded language between adventurers.
Especially Useful characters : Fighters, capable men & women.
Especially useless characters : Any "one trick" characters, anything crippled by disadvantages, anything with no social abilities at all, anything "cute".
Appropriate Patrons :
Appropriate Enemies :

Special Disciplines

No High Technology, no Psionics
Rules variants : Read up on Unlimited Mana (UMana) for the "ley lines". Also, be aware that while Magery 4+ ( see GURPS Myth ) does exist, PC's generally shouldn't be allowed it except in games where you intend to change the face of the planet, 'cos thats what'll happen.
Also, NPC's should generally be the only ones allowed the 1/2 Dragon and Tessarian Vampire advantages, but hey, it's your game, run with it...