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As an exercise in amusement, I asked my gaming discussion group ( the Galway Games debate ) to name their favourite Warriors, Mages, Rulers, Generals, Game Supplements & Characters. The first four catagories could include any fictional, mythical, historical or extant characters. The fifth catagory could ( obviously ) only include books & game supplements. And the last referred to characters we had played in games ourselves. And here are the reasons, and ( in some cases ) GURPS stats for that person.

Origins : ML = Myth/Legend, R = Real/Extant, F = Fiction, G = Games

Top Warriors
This was an easy topic for people to put forward ideas, if not an easy one to agree on. For the moment we have some answers as :

  • Gilgamesh ML, R? - The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Cuchulainn ML - The Tain
  • William Marshall R
  • Joan de Arc R
  • Khalam Mhekhat F - The Malazan Book of the Fallen
  • Tenaka Khan F
  • Ashen Shurgar F
  • The Hound F - The Song of Fire and Ice
  • Coltaine F - The Malazan Book of the Fallen
  • Miyamoto Mushashi R - A Book of Five Rings

Top Wizards
Wizards were a tough one - how often have you been really impressed by a Wizard in a book? Most are pretty sucky. Still,

  • Prince Arithon F - The Wars of Light and Shadow
  • Merlin ML
  • Balor of the Evil Eye ML
  • Morgana le Fay ML
  • Quick Ben F - The Malazan Book of the Fallen

Top Generals
Another tough one, but suggestions were slowly made until we had more than just a couple.

  • Alexander the Great R
  • Hannibal R
  • Shaka Zulu R
  • Wellington R
  • Rommell R
  • General Lee R
  • High Fist Dujek F

Top Kings & Rulers
Some strange replies here at first glance, but even thinking about the strange ones they make sense...

  • King David Ben Jesse ML/R
  • Julius Caesar R
  • King Arthur ML
  • President Washington R
  • Genral Franco R
  • Cardinel Richelieu R
  • Guy du Bas Tyra
  • Lord Eddard Stark F - A Song of Ice & Fire
  • Yoritomo G - Legend of the 5 Rings

Best Game Supplements
The ones that wowed us...

  • GURPS Imperial Rome
  • GURPS Ultra Tech ( We love David Pulver! )
    • and Bio Tech
    • and High Tech
    • Veichles
    • Mecha...
  • GURPS War against the Cthorr
  • WHFRP Death on the Reik
  • WHFRP Realms of Chaos 1 & 2
  • CoC Horror on the Orient Express
  • WW Dark Reflections : Spectres
  • WW The Shoah
  • WW The Autumn People
  • WW Exalted

Top Characters
The ones that were fun to play & play with.

  • Mr. Cadaver (Charles) GURPS Space
  • Ethan Shreike & Michael Redfern (Me & Simon) Vampire:Dimension War 1-3
  • Gabriel Knight & Clones (Kris & I) CoC ( kinda )
  • Boomer (Mike) Aberrant
  • Sparko Figgins (Kris) WHFRP
  • Cesair aka Conan Swarzenegger (Charles) GURPS Fantasy via Advanced Heroquest
  • Caspian (Kris) GURPS Fantasy
  • Br. Williams (Brian) GURPS Fantasy
  • Rhodry Walker (Charles) Changeling
  • Sam Douglas (Me) Changeling
  • X'a (Fearghus) GURPS Fantasy
  • Griblix (Kieran) GURPS Fantasy
  • Mordred Roberts (Charles) WHFRP
  • Rodney Urgh (Kieran) CoC ( kinda )
  • The Jackrabbit (Niall) GURPS Supers
  • Vivian (Simon) Changeling