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The Shard

"Go into the mountains, to the Castle of Hope, on the night of the coming Full Moon. This is the year of the Orcish Holy Pilgramage to Kravesh. This is the same time myself and my companions made use of, almost 15 years ago now, to make our fortune. Deep within the Castle, beyond the upper levels the Orcs call home, still lies more than enough treasues of the Old Empire to allow you all lives of luxury, or the freedom to adventure more."

Hence begins the GURPS PBEM "The Shard - Castle of Hope"


13/11/2002 - Too busy updating to actually put on more updates! A lot of changes recently, but mostly within the Players own locked pages... sorry folks. A little more added to the setting information and a few little tweaks and tucks. The Gallery wasn't updated at the weekend as I promised some people. Apologies. I will be adding a section on religions of the Shard, most likely here.

06/11/2002 - Moving, keep on moving. I encourage players to look at the updates under the following:
The Castle of Hope
The Shard TImeline
Also, every casual and serious browser of this page should check the all new gallery, which only has sketches and roughes at the moment, but will be "getting there" very shortly.

04/11/2002 - The Shard is rockin along at its own pace now. Which is good. I am still very lazy. Which is bad. The Shard is almost completely in XML format now. Which is nerdy. I have added the start of the Time Line which is informative. I am tired. Which is no suprise to anyone who knows me. And I am busy. Which doesn't go to well with being lazy...

21/10/2002 - anyone willing to volunteer for the job of making me update this page can apply now. Two criterion : Don't be anyone I know, and live in the Galway area. Experience with swinging big clubs essential. On a more relevant note, the characters section will be updated tomorrow when I remember to bring them to work on the floppy disk I carry everywhere

17/10/2002 - Ugh. An unexpected "having to work" problem at work has lead to these delays. It wasn't me, I swear. Release '0002 - "Hilsen's Reply" is available on site now.

31/07/2002 - An unexpected virus problem at work has held up the beginning of the game. More details on kick off to follow.

10/07/2002 - If you get lost on the Shard minisite, take a second to glance at the Site Map, which should help people get around this section of my GURPS Site.

19/06/2002 - Major update! The first Gm release - "Under Hilsen's Wing" has been written. This is due to go to the players tomorrow before 20:00 Irish time. Take a look, I'm quite proud...

Also, I have a day off in sight ( Saturday ) so the maps pages will be completely finshed and uploaded saturday evening. And wait til you see some of the stuff I have done for that!

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