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The History of the Shard

Its origins are the matter of legend now, but nearly all fragments of knowledge agree on the one detail. The Shard was created, not of nature but of whim. It does not matter if this was the whim of a God or, as some say, a sorcerer of power beyond comprehension. The details are lost & none can verify who holds the truth and who are clinging to lies.

Never the less, the Shard has its own eras, like those of many worlds. Scholars and mystics find it easy to divide the centuries into groups, then divide these groups again. Like all other places where man has gained supremacy, he is driven to analyse and catagorize until infinity.

The Age of Legends

This is where the origins of the Shard lie in murky remembrance. All that is known is that the Shard was spun in this time. The legends speak that changes were wrought so devastating and shattering that the elements went to war against each other. The living embodiments of each fought a war with no end in sight. Fire, Water, Air and Earth all clashed and subsided, clashed and subsided again. This was a mindless, mute war. Savage and noble, corrupt and near divine, the elements fought for Aeons untold. This, the race of man has learned from the Elven folk and even they knew little.

The Coming of Elves

What little the Elves revealed of their knowledge never included how the Elven people came to the Shard themselves. But it is true to say that they came here, for they were outsiders. The few times they even gave impressions of the truth was only in tales and fables.

The Elves were able to calm the Elements and bring peace and fertility to the Shard. They planted trees and nurtured small Kingdoms, sired children and tamed animals for utility and enjoyment. These were skills they passed on to the race of Man, whom they called their Heirs. Man was to prove an upstart child, rebellious and brash against Elven wisdom and patience.

However, while Elves husbanded the land and the Human inhabitants, all was peaceful. This was to change.

The Dawn of Man

The Elven folk told the first men that their people were not native to the Shard. Man, however was "born of the conflict" - just one of many vague mysticisms spouted by Elven lorekeepers. Mankind was native to the Shard and was its true inheiritor. The Elves claimed to be holding the Crown as a regent for man and when we were ready, they would allow our race its birthright.