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"You raise some interesting points and some naiive ones. There's only one quick way to kill an Orc - that's to shoot it. They are so stuck in their primitive ways that most wear no better than furs and badly tanned leather. Most."

Undead are a different matter. They can be a tough kill and even bludgeons and maces can take a while to drop a determined dead thing. Fire works on the ones who have any flesh left."

An Orc will drop from a well aimed shot. Trolls and Ogres need a barrage. I have never seen a Swordsman who could stand in combat with a Troll, but Ogres aren't as big. I killed two Ogres in face to face battles in my youth. On seperate occasions, obviously. The only time I managed to kill a Troll however is when I turned a small bombard on the thing."

If you feel confident enough, Man to Orc, and really want to take an ax blow - because you will take a blow - then work away with your sword. But you are all young and don't deserve a life of scars. Use the tools we have above the savages."

There's nothing between here and the castle, really, bar north Durman County. Believe it or not, you should be able to make it their in about 5 days. When you head north you'll run across the wall known as Durmans Barricade - much grander now than in the days of the first Durman, obviouly, but ne'r the less..."

Now the Black Iron Reiver - that is another story. It was forged for the Emperor of Kurnull, when Kurnull was an Empire, by the last of that Empires great Mages. It was to make the Emperor, who was physically only a man of average proportions by all accounts, almost unstoppable in combat. The nearest magical item in stature to its power would be the Ring of Kingship which the Cordallians use to prove a rightful heir and wed him to his Kingdom. The sword was said to be a Bastard Sword, but a little longer than usual, designed to be used almost exclusively in two hands. It was designed to harness the elemental power of fire and the denizens of that plane would protect the wielder of the blade"