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Castle of Hope

The Castle of Hope

Vital Statistics

  • Ruler : None recognised
  • Population : One or Two tribes of Orcs.
  • Exports : None
  • Imports : None
  • Guilds : None
  • Military Strength : Weak. Only one or two tribes reside here
  • Wealth : Unknown
  • Control Rating :
  • Tech Level : 0 - 3 ( TL 4 building )

Possibly no other place on the Shard represents the failure of the three Kingdoms of Man more than The Castle of Hope . Granted, many years had elapsed since the fall of Kravesh before the Castle played its unfortunate roll in events.

Kurnull had finally come to terms with the loss of her sister country to the "base races" and with Cordall's gradual withdrawal behind their borders. It was decided by Emperor Dracel that a permanant point of defence had to be established as far North as possible, to provide a barrier against Orcs and their kind and also a staging ground for attacks to the North.

The Castle of Hope stood ready and almost complete, its tall walls and crennalations commanding the most accessible pass through the mountains to what were - even then - known as The Orclands. The Emperor himself and his retinue attended an inspection tour, even accompanied by the Lords young wife and two children.

Hindsight reveals the disaster. The almost finished castle was attacked by the largest force of base creatures seen since the fall of Kravesh. At their head once more, some sort of Daemon Lord. The defenders battled for five days, the Emperor and his Magii giving fight as well, but in vain. The Castle fell, all slaughtered. The Daemon returned from wherever his kind originate from & the Orc Hordes poured South to cause the rapid destruction of the Kurnullian Empire. Heroes like Lord Durman took the fight to the Orcs and scattered them back North again, forming the first free county. And the rest, as they say, is history.

But history also holds its own wealth and this still waits for those who dare to grasp it...