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Castle of Hope
The Kingdom of Cordall

The Kingdom of Cordall

Capital is Cordall City

Vital Statistics

  • Ruler : King Harold Re'nannant
  • Population : Several Million
  • Exports : ( minimal ) Some luxuries & Magic
  • Imports : ( minimal ) Some food & modern weapons
  • Guilds : Mage & Merchant only.
  • Military Strength : Strong, veteran troops. Their military system is dated, but their Knights are feared, as are their archers.
  • Wealth : Very Wealthy
  • Control Rating :
  • Tech Level : 3

The average citizen of Cordall is illiterate and of below average wealth. The majority of the wealth is held by the nobility.

Cordall is a breathtaking country and also the kingdom that remains most in the days of the past, when Kurnull, Kravesh and itself were the masters of the Shard, like 3 complacent siblings.

When Kravesh first fell and the base creatures were loosed upon the Shard, Cordall closed its borders to the pleas of it neighbour. When the dust settled and the Orcish hordes were fought back into the Northlands, Cordall acted as though anyone from outside its borders were... tainted in some way. Trade was minimal and flow of ideas was next to zero. Cordall began to get locked into its own pattern, what most would come to call a rut.

Then disaster came to Kurnull with the destruction of the Castle of Hope and the fall of the Kingdom. Cordall completely locked its borders and told the various Lords to look to their own defences. Thankfully, Lord Durman did, but many lives could been saved with aid from Cordall.

Over the past centuries, Cordall has once again opened its borders a crack or two, especially to strong martial cultures like Modern Pir and Durman. However, it is a country that lags behind in almost everything. It has no bodies of Musketeers, no cannon except on ships. Its nobility look upon the people of the "Free Counties" as being usurping peasants and do not even deign to treat with the poorer free counties, like Telar and Treim.