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Castle of Hope
Kurnull & Kurnull County

Kurnull & Kurnull County

Capital is Kurnull

Vital Statistics

  • Ruler : "King" Bhaerthas ( V-are-thiss ) Malan
  • Population : Circa Two Million
  • Exports : Produce, Fish, Oils & Livestock
  • Imports : Weaponry, Magic, Timber
  • Guilds : All represented
  • Military Strength : Average. Troops are average to good, Navy is good to veteran.
  • Wealth : Below Average - Average
  • Control Rating :
  • Tech Level : 3, approaching 4 on most things

The average citizen of Kurnull is illerate or semi-literate and of average wealth.

Kurnull, once known as the "Southern Jewel" is know known ( colloqially ) as the Shattered Jewel more often than not. Once the capital city and county of the most powerful of the three ancient kingdoms, Kurnull now struggles through the centuries.

When Kravesh was consumed by the Hordes and Cordall closed its borders, Kurnull was left alone against the flood and it was in this time that its power began to wane. However, Kurnull was prepared to survive, once disaster could be avoided.

That disaster finally came when the Orcs destroyed the Castle of Hope and killed the Emperor of Kurnull and his Arch Mage, along with much of their court, army and the Emperor's Sons. The massive Horde that poured over the mountains was only stopped by Lord Durman from destroying all the lands beyond.

Kurnull had no heirs to its throne and no able administrators to make decisions in the dark days following, and so its empire crumbled into nothing, the various lords and counties establishing their own Kingdoms and Independance.

Kurnull's modern role on the Shard is improving. It is slowly reclaiming an important, if more humble, piece for its people to play. Also, it has established "Pirate Watch Castle" a fortified port at the South's biggest natural harbour to combat the threat of Nezallian and Vulturrite pirates. This has given them enough influence to call their current leader, Bhaerthas Malan, King once again without being mocked... openly.