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The Shard ( Fantasy )


"On the Road ( at last )" Turn 3

There's a five day journey ahead to the destination of the Castle of Hope deep in the mountains. Before you streches North Durman County and much is familiar to you as you make your way along the Road that King Durman I once made in order to bring the fight to the Orcs, all those centuries ago.

In three to four days you'll make it as far as "Durman's Barricade" - the wall used to block invading tribes of "Base Creatures" from the North. Even though you have often heard tales of it, this will be your first view of the wall that protects all the South. By all accounts, the wall is an impressive spectacle.

The terrain you're passing through is typical of the Northern Shard, grim steppe that breeds a hard, hard people. They are pretty unfriendly to outsiders, but you can approach them if you want. The winding road has no inns or guardhouses, but banditry and base creatures are rare fears here, as even those who do come South quickly scurry away from the 'barricade.

GM's Comments
Who's taking care of the essentials?
Also, do you have a particular watch rota or system?
Is there anything you'll be practising/exercising in preparation for hostile territory?
Anything else?