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General Character Statistics

This is a presentation of general ( one might say "Generic" ) version of the Characters Statistics from the PBEM. They are presented here so that other players ( and random browsers ) can gain an idea of what each character is capable of.

These are not, in any way, full statistics and are not fully accurate, nor are they meant to be. These are for an idea only and inconsistancies will arise where there is information the player wishes to keep secret, or where all is not as it appears.

Players who have been supplied with a password can access their own private pages by hovering their mouse cursor over this link : Players Only and inputting their password into the field on the pop-up window.

The Characters

All characters are built using 100 points and the rules from SJ Games' GURPS Basic Set, 3rd Edition and GURPS Character Compendium I, Character Creation. All characters also follow the world specific rules laid out in this site under the Character Creation Guidlines specific to the setting.

Character List

Sir Alakar Martooth played by Dave Rooney
Kraevis Alucard played by Tyrion
Jacob ( the layre ) Green played by brianpking
De'Belem played by The Unknown Soldier
Thurgul played by fruairc
Sir Auron played by scoll

Name : Sir Alakar "Martooth"
Player : Dave Rooney
Appearance : A fairly robust young gentleman of 20. Well built Knight Errant of Durman County
Stat Approx.
ST : 14
DX : 14
IQ : 10
HT : 10
Known Skills :
Broadsword 16
Shield 14
Tactics 10
Leadership 10
Crossbow 14
Carousing 12
Obvious Advantages/Disadvantages
Comfortable Wealth
Status : Knight Errant
Compulsive Carousing
Vow - no BPW
Known Character Background :

Alakar is a man of some standing in Durman. Physically he is imposing enough and knows how to "handle himself" in a fighting situation. He often seems to misjudge the exact social requirements of each situation though, and has been know to turn up to parties and taverns wearing most inappropriate clothing, clothing which mat have fitted in well in the opposite case.

Name : Kraevis Alucard
Player : Tyrion
Appearance : A slim and wan half elf, Kraevis doesn't look threatening. He looks like "a pale little weakling".
Stat Approx.
ST : 10
DX : 12
IQ : 14
HT : 10
Known Skills
BPW 14
Knife 12
Knife Throwing 12
Stealth 12
Streetwise 14
Obvious Advantages/Disadvantages
Half Elf
Low Status
Enemies (local)
Known Character Background :

Kraevis has definately spent his time on the wrong side of the street. He is known to have spent time in prison for some offence, and sometime before refused recruitment into the Mages Guild, an almost unheard of idea.

It is rumoured that he killed a local Lordling's son in a duel, but details are foggy at best. It is definite that Sir DeValchez's son, Emmael, was killed and definite that Kraevis was involved in some kind of dispute. Everything else is rumour and conjecture.

Name : Jacob (thelayre) Green
Player : brianpking
Appearance : Slim, fast and dangerous to know, Jacob is seemingly hell-bent on adventure for a way of living. This young harper spends more time in trouble than out of it, but it is hard to say exactly what it was he's done.
Stat Approx.
ST : 10
DX : 16
IQ : 12
HT : 10
Known Skills
Knife 16
BPW 15
Stealth 16
Bow 15
Survival 12
Fast Talk 12
Streetwise 12
Harp 10
Disguise 10
Obvious Advantages/Disadvantages
Attractive Appearance
Charisma 2
Struggling Wealth
Known Character Background :

Name : De'Belem
Player :The Unknown Soldier
Appearance : Slender, quiet and stand-offish, De'Belem seems strangely cleaner than the majority of people around him. His eyes light up at the prospect of information & knowledge.
Stat Approx.
ST : 10
DX : 10
IQ : 16
HT : 10
Known Skills
Astrology 12
History 12
Theology 14
Streetwise 14
Speak Elvish 12
Speak Orcish 14
Obvious Advantages/Disadvantages
Social Standing 1
Bad Tempered
Known Character Background :

Name : Thurgul
Player : fruairc
Appearance :
Stat Approx.
ST : 14
DX : 12
IQ : 10
HT : 12
Known Skills
Blacksmith 10
Broadsword 12
Crossbow 12
Shield 12
Survival 10
Tactics 8
Obvious Advantages/Disadvantages
Combat Reflexes
Military Rank
Code of Honour
Sense of Duty
Known Character Background :

Thurgul was a sergeant in the royal army before he took an honourable discharge to raise a family. He had been struggling to live a normal life setting himself up as a journeyman smith in the village where he and his wife settled. He had picked up the trade while in service. Last year his wife died giving birth to their first child and the child was too weak to survive.

After a few months of drinking heavily he had lost his home to debts and realising what was happening he has decide to go back to his previous occupation hoping that the order of military life will give him the structure he need. He has been working as a mercenary for the past 6 months.

Name :
Player :
Appearance :
Stat Approx.
ST :
DX :
IQ :
HT :
Known Skills
Obvious Advantages/Disadvantages
Known Character Background :