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My most recent experiment with GURPS is to produce a game set in the Warhammer 40K Universe. Rather than play 100 - point "nobodies" in the campaign, I decided upon 500 - point characters. Warhammer 40K is rather OTT, so the Pc's have to be right up there with everybody else.

The campaign centres around an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus - Daveric Lessic - and his crew. His "regulars" of an Imperially - sanctioned Psyker, Nero Lagranius, "Albrecht Dijon" an Assassin of House Vindicare and his Navigator, Strylat. As this mission is estimated to be dangerous by his commanders, he has been given two of the elite Grey Knight Space Marines, Two-Ravens-Fighting & Captain Guibelog.

First Session

The campaign started with the Inquistor's ship dropping into real space right at the lip of the "Apsalon System", where 10 years ago a Space Hulk dropped right out of the Warp, crippling supply ships and causing a small famine in some of the Hive - Cities on the System's main inhabited planet, Apsalon VI.

After a brief examination incognito, "Dijon" discovered a Genestealer presence on the world, and determined to contact the Planetary Govenor and join forces with him to exterminate the plague. However, one thing seemed very odd - all the Genestealer spawn ( the 2nd and 3rd generation hybrids ) seemed ill and weak, almost useless. One of them confessed under "interrogation" by the Imperial Assassin that the few Purestrains here were also ill and they were all having problems passing on their Genestealer characteristics to the Human population...

Second Session

The Govenor Berraz firmly in hand, the Inquisitor and his crew attempt to garner the support of the Govenor's Astropath - who proves to be intractable beyond the very letter of his duties. The Inquisitor and his Assassin pursue more investigation in the underbelly of the Hive but nothing that would normally indicate a Genestealer Cult seems to be active.

The Session ended with a little... misunderstanding between the Psyker and the Grey Knight "Two Ravens Fighting" about the "C" word.

Third Session

With the Genestealers home location tracked down, the Lord Inquisitor prepared a sampling of the local Planetary Defence Forces to aid in wiping out the cell. Having dealt with the Genestealer hive, a 3rd Gen hybrid was pressed into giving information.

It seemed that the Genestealers were suffering from an infestation of Chaos parasites - quite odd, seeing as that Genestealers were not know to suffer from the effects of Chaos. After sending a Telepathic message to the Officio Inquisitorum, Inquisitor Lessic recieved orders to go to the original planet of the hive and discover what, if anything has happened there. The Whitescar Space Marine Chapter would meet them there after taking care of the small business of an Orkish Waaagh! rampant a couple of systems distant.