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Orders Guide
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Important :

A triangle is a fleet, a circle is an army.

I want all my current Players to give opinions on the Map Variants That I have collected for the next possible game, both complete and incomplete.

The Webpage dedicated to our online game of Diplomacy, run by

Our Players :
Kris - The "Pope" of Italy
Jaakko - The Czar of Russia
Brian - The Sultan of Turkey
Sean - The King of England
Eero - The President of France
Jonne - The Kaiser of Germany
Teppo - The Emporer of Austria

Well, I have no idea how it happened, but I broke my page. Hence it is now here, and has taken this long to be updated. Apologies to all. My Bad.
Thanks, Donal.

System : Classic Diplomacy, with standard board and pieces. European, 7 players.
Moves to be submitted once a week to donalfall, by each Saturday. Diplomacy can be conducted freely between players by mail or phone.

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Gamesmaster :

Mail Donal

Players :

Mail Kris - Italy
Mail Jaakko - Russia
Mail Brian - Turkey
Mail Sean - England
Mail Eero - France
Mail Jonne - Germany
Mail Teppo - Austria

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The Diplomatic Pouch Jonnes Diplomacy Page!
Last updated 25 - 04 - 2002