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Hello & welcome to donalfall's crossroads, the site that links it all together! It then fails miserably, because there's all kinds of pages out there that I made in the dim & distant (and the not-so dim and distant) past.

But those were times of identity crisis and change. This has been, bar my artwork which is slowing, my most productive period in creativity. Scenarios, worlds, games, writing and more have been spilling from my mind. Not always onto the page, unfortunately, but as often as possible these are recorded and written.

As much stuff as possible has been crammed on here, at Tripod and will continue to be packed in as long as they'll tolerate me.

Things to see, people to eat...

The Shard - since August I have been trying to organise a PBEM GURPS Fantasy Campaign set in "the Shard" a mysterious land of my own creation. The Pc's are just getting involved in a "simple" dungeon delve, but will shortly find themselves uncovering things almost too strange to comtemplate.

Diplomacy - my proudest and worst achievement of last year, my online diplomacy game. Nice maps, good players, strong teamwork. Pity about the frequency of updates by me. Ooops. I'm looking to start a game of Youngstown Diplomacy any one interested should email me.

...Places to recommend...

More links to his site than money in his pocket - Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo - one of the pinnacles in online comics.

The greatest game - GURPS - and the best Games Company - SJGames, take a bow. Also the best Magazine - Pyramid only $15 for the year, one issue a week!

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