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The Shard ( Fantasy )


"From the mouths of Dead Men" - turn 10

Time : 0 days 2 hours 30 minutes
Turn Time : 30 minutes

The grandeur of the Hall, however decayed, does not fail to make its impression upon you all. As you circle the open area, you realise that the ceiling, which you thought merely a dirty, cracked dome, was once a sparkling display of stained glass and sculpture. Ancient figures of myth peer from spider's lairs. Gods look glumly from their dusty perches.

Circling beneath the balcony seems out of the question. Even as your feet shuffle quietly across the floor, the wood seems to shake and tremble, showering down small avalanches of splinters. Keeping just outside the overhanging circle of wood, you keep an eye upon your nearing destination.

D'Belem and Kraevis can sense the stirrings of magic here. Once, powerful forces were unleashed. It was here in the great hall that the King and his Grand Magus stood against the Orcish Daemon who threw them down. Residues of that battle still hover here, scars of sorcery visible in the very aura of the place. There is a taint of Necromancy here, along with powerful Fire magic. In the times of the old Kingdoms, magic was more wild and free... and more potent.

It is Thurgul who notices it first. Whispers percolate through the air, reaching his ears through chance - or perhaps the old soldier is more wary than the young adventurers. Voices hiss and babble in wraith tongues, just below the conciouness of the living.
"Wait" a grizzled hand goes up "Listen"
And then it is clearly audible to you all, once you all stop and hold your breath. Voices, echoes of the past conflict here within the hall. Some seem cool and confident, some raised in alarm.
"The Orcs! They come!"

And then he appears. A figure, mostly of dust and cobweb, standing before you. There is the suggestion - no more - of ancient armour, filaments of laquer and trim, the hint of a soldier.
"You are to go below. The enemy begin the ascent towards the keep, and the master awaits you..."

Then he - it - is gone, and you hurry to the waiting door, your destination. Pushing through with tense nerves and muscles, you all only now realise the unnatural fear that gripped you in the spectres presence. It takes a few minutes for the chill of the grave that was his breath to warm out of your bodies.

You stand in a room. Its long side - about 20 feet - abuts the main hall. Its short sides - maybe all of 8 feet - are perpendicular to that. There is a door in each wall apart from the one ye came through. Investigation reveals three corridors. Hilsen merely said "and you descend from there". The question is - which way lies descent?

GM's Notes
Pick which one of the three routes you want to go. This has to be the route you stick with - at least for a while - due to the nature of this game. On information, twould be easier if I could get the map up, but you'll have that. Remember these points:
  1. The Castle is circular (ish)
  2. The Great Hall, the heart of the castle, is circular.
  3. You eschewed right and left corridors to go straight through the centre at the entrance.
  4. You are now faced with the choice of left, right or straight ahead.
Actually, in fairness, how much more bloody obvious can I be?