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The Shard ( Fantasy )


"Walking between graves" - turn 9

Time : 0 days 2 hours
Turn Time : 30 minutes.

The atmosphere within the building is so odd... eerie compared to the thunderous concert of the storm outside. Perhaps its the contrast, or the fear of the Orcish platoon, but you find yourselves whispering as you discuss your plans. Your eyes alternate between the filth-strewn Orcish inhabited passageways to the left and right and the dusty deserted path to the main hall.

Bats and birds flit here too, possibly the only living things larger than a spider to share this castle with you now. Between your whispers and their hushed conference, you make the decision to move forward, perhaps because your nostrils already revolt from Orcish excrement.

Only a few steps seperate you from the corridor to the main hall. With each step, the filth is a little lower on your legs, the general level of decay less prevalent. By the time you reach the corridor itself, you could imagine the castle as it was, bar the dust of centuries. It is obvious that besides a few spilled or thrown clods, the Orcs never come this way. Possibly never have since the first time they invaded, killing all here, creating the ancient brown stains still just barely visible on the walls.

The corridor towards the centre of the castle is short - about 9 or 10 feet - but very wide - almost 20 feet across - and runs almost directly North. The walls are smooth and two murder holes stare down at you from the roof. The remains of doors sit crookedly upon the doorframe, wood like the broken teeth of old men pointing jaggedly into the room ahead.

You all find it hard to breath as you edge through the door into the main hall itself. Hilsen said that it was one of the grandest rooms in all the old Kurnullian counties, but he didn't mention the sheer scale of the place. All the buildings of any one street in Durman wouldn't fill this area. High balconies with mysterious exits and stairs creak and groan above. Dust swirls about you, making all details hard to see. A floor where platoons of soldiers could have stood to attention now only holds parades of ghosts and debris.

You prepare to set out cautiously through the haze. Hilsen said to make for the throne's dais and take the leftmost servant's entrance from there. The throne is easily visible, the door not yet. But here and there throughout the room bones are visible, and the dust swirls in strange ways...

GM's Notes
Up top, just under the title - from now on - there is a "Time Spent in Castle" quote. Following that is the time the turn takes up. The totals will be kept running. You have about 10 days worth of safe time before the Orc Tribes return.
Apologies for the map not appearing. As you all know now, my computer exploded, I still haven't looked at it. When I do - or gain access to another scanner - the maps will appear. I'll keep ye posted.